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Product description accordions & tabs

Provide customers with detailed product information via tabs is the best way to let them get all the info they need and, thus, reduce the decision-making time.

This feature allows you to create 2 types of tabs:

Standard tabs: Standard tabs are created based on your product description text. In other words, the app will automatically split your product description into multiple tabs using heading.
Shared tabs: Shared tabs are used to display similar content or 3rd party app content on multiple products.

How to create standard tabs

Active the app embed

From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.
Find the theme that you want to display FAQs, and then click Customize.
Click App embeds
Select the app embed by enter "Simesy Tabs" to search bar.

Click the toggle to activate it.
Click Save

From the app dashboard, navigate to "Tabs" page

Choose a heading type you want to use as a separator

Click Save

Add heading to your current product description in Shopify

That's it. You can do the same for all your products with specific ideas you want to present in separate tabs.

How to create shared tabs

Active the app embed

Skip this step if you have done it before

From the app dashboard, navigate to "Tabs" page. Click Add shared tab

Give your tab a title in the Title field.

Choose a Type and add some content to the content editor.

Choose to apply this tab to all products at once or certains products, collections only

Click Save

Updated on: 11/01/2024

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