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Getting started with Smartify

Smartify allows you to add survey to Order Confirmation / Order Status page so that you can gather feedback from your customers.

Step 1: Add survey questions

Open the app, then click Add question button

From the modal, you can configure your survey question

Type - The type of question. The app currently supports 4 types: Textarea, Dropdown, Radio button, Checkbox, NPS.
Questions - The question.
Target customers - This option allows you to target questions to all, new, or returning customers.
Target products - This option allows you to target questions to order that contains specific products.
Required - Mark this question as required or not
Options (Only for Dropdown, Radio button, Checkbox type) - The answer options for survey question
Left label - Right label (Only for NPS type)
Range (Only for NPS type)

Step 2: Customize the look

Navigate to Settings page

In this page, you can configure many area of the survey

Survey title - The title of survey
Survey intro - The introduction or additional context or guidance on answering the survey question
Thank you message - Once the survey response has been submitted, the survey is hidden and this line of text is presented to the customer thanking them for taking the time to submit your survey.
Button text - The text of submit button
Button background color & text color - The background color and text color of submit button

Step 3: Preview your survey

There are 2 ways to preview your survey

Place an order on your store: Placing an order on your store will allow you to view the survey on your Order Confirmation / Order Status page. You will then receive exactly the same experience as your customers.

View an existing order status page: go to Shopify Admin > Orders > Sselect any order from your orders list -> Click on the More actions dropdown -> Select View order status page option

Updated on: 10/10/2023

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