How to create a FAQ accordion

FAQ accordion will be used to display FAQs on any page.

1. On the left page menu, click on Accordion

2. Click Add Accordion button

3. Set title for your accordion

4. Select FAQ groups you want to show

You can select as many FAQ groups as you want.

5. On the left side, you can see many options customize your FAQ accordion

It is possible to set:

  • FAQ Style - You can see the demo of all styles here (password: shopify)
  • FAQ Behavior – Accordion or Toggle
  • FAQ accordian width: The width of FAQ accordion
  • Display Group Name: Hide or show FAQ group name as H3 heading / normal bold text
  • Icon Position – Off, Left or Right
  • Icon Size – Between 16px and 24px
  • Icon – A choice of various icons
  • FAQ Question Color – Set the color of the question
  • FAQ Icon Color – Closed and expanded

6. Click Save at the top page bar

7. After saving, click on Install button

The following modal will be shown up

8. Now you display FAQ accordion on any page you want

- Display FAQ accordion on homepage

- Display FAQ accordion on product page

- Display specific FAQs on specific product page (only Online Store 2.0)

- Display FAQ accordion on collection page (Contact us)

Display FAQ accordion on normal page

- Display FAQ accordion on contact us page (Contact us)

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